And Just What Does Mud Have To Do with Christ?


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I was raised in a Christianish home. Meaning occasional church services and vacation bible school that my mother never attended. My Grandmother read her daily bread daily and you better not have interrupted her prayer time. We celebrated Christmas and Easter with Santa and the Bunny. However, for some reason I never remember not believing in Christ. Fast-forward to age 16. I accepted Christ as my personal savior with my infant daughter in tow. At my baptism my cousin was the only family present. Needless to say a learned a little about a little as it relates to Christ. But I believed!

When people ask me about my journey I so eloquently say I was saved at 16 then walked around with “muddy boots” on for over a decade. You name it I did it: over indulgence in alcohol, sex, lies, manipulation, gluttony, pride, envy, wrath, lust, disobedience, refusal to submit to the will of God, love of money, sloth, vanity and the list goes on and on and on. Let me pause and clarify something. I was still a believer! A sinner saved by grace. I was the prodigal son, the one Jesus had to leave the 99 for. Lost but not forgotten.

If I can be 100% honest with you, though I don’t go where I used to go or do what I used to do; my boots are still muddy. And If you’d be 100% honest with me, your boots are rather muddy too! As we walk this road with Christ often our sin looks different. Maybe we’re no longer medicating our brokenness with alcohol, drugs or sex but we’ve replaced it with bitterness or the perception that we’ve been sanctified to the point that we ourselves are seated high and look down low.

We often forget about the rag tag group of men that Jesus personally chose to walk with Him. We know that God doesn’t do things haphazardly. So clearly there’s some nugget here. I believe He picked people we could identify with. I mean really, the crooked tax collector and my favorite Peter/Mr. Down for whatever! Let’s not forget how He met Saul the Christian persecutor and transformed him into Paul. Paul who went on to right the majority of the New Testament. Yeah, they’re boots were muddy too.

I’m grateful for my entire journey. The good. The bad. And the ugly. It reminds me that I can’t do life without Christ. It makes me appreciate His sacrifice on the cross. Also, it helps me have love and compassion for my fellow human who like myself isn’t perfect. We can’t pick and choose. Surely if we could I wouldn’t even be in the race. No one would pick me.

Laugh, cry, learn, love and grow with me as I walk this walk with Christ. Muddy boots and all!


Suggested Scripture:
Ephesians 5:25-27

Father God I thank you for the love you shower on me every minute of every day
Thank you for those reading this blog both believer and unbeliever alike
I pray that we all come to the understanding that you love us with all our baggage
I thank you for your grace and mercy that we do not deserve yet you give freely
God your word says that you will present your church to yourself holy and without blemish
Father I believe in your transforming power
Have your way in our lives today
In Jesus name I pray

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